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I Like To Read…

I like to read… offline (these funny big and heavy things which have way more than 600 words and made of paper) and online. But in fact most of my reading is taking place in my web browser on the desktop or on some iDevice. As such I enjoy to read on sites that have a good readability and are a pleasure to the eyes. Something that somehow seems to be forgotten on quite many sites, unfortunately often also on photography sites which are those which I read the most. I do have to admit that my blog really wasn’t an exception here.

While I was, and still am, very satisfied with the design of my blog-theme, I wasn’t quite happy with the presentation of the text. In it’s default it was just not designed to present text and I found it sometimes slightly difficult to read it myself. The fonts especially on a bigger monitor appeared too small and had too much contrast on the dark background.

I wanted to change something for quite some time already but just the other day I somehow got an idea how I would like to re-design the colour scheme and the fonts to improve the reading experience.

It was one of those let’s what happens” moments during which the process seemed to have gotten out of control and a few hours later it ended up like this. While I’m still ironing out some minor flaws here and there I’m overall much more satisfied with the reading experience now. It is definitely not perfect yet, but an overall improvement.

Additionally I experimented with a few webfonts, which to my delight are since yesterday’s iOS update also iPad compatible, and if you are using a modern browser on your desktop you should be seeing the site as I intended it to be. There’s still some minor details coming, but the overall idea is getting there. If you happen to run into any weirdness please let me know in the comments, drop me a DM or email.

And while I’m just at the topic of reading…

I recently received the latest books by David Noton Full Frame and Joe Cornish A Photographer at Work and I can highly recommend both of them. Wonderful images and writing. But more on that maybe later…

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