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Aperture Monday: My Aperture Wish List

After years of working with Lightroom I have switched to Aperture about 6 months ago and I’m very satisfied with the software and have never looked back. The whole interface and editing options somehow are for me much more fun to work with. As every software Aperture is of course not perfect and after a recent conversation on Twitter I thought I’ll write down a list of features that I would like to see in an upcoming Aperture update.

General performance improvement

Well this one would be probably valid for all RAW editors that I have tested. Aperture is fairly fast on my iMac, but once an image has multiple adjustments further editing get’s occasionally a bit sluggish, something I could easily live without with.

Option To Assign Names to Adjustment-Bricks

Since it’s possible to apply multiple adjustments of for example curves, or levels, it would be useful to name those adjustments. The option to assign a name to them would make re-processing an image after a while much easier and would eliminate the guesswork whether or not the adjustment was global or just the sky. Sure one easily could activate an adjustment overlay, but this would be faster.

Global Layer Opacity

I figured out a work-around for this one, but this method will work only for an global adjustment on the whole image. A real layer opacity would solve this issue.

Lens Distortion Correction

One of the things that I like about LR3 is the integrated lens correction feature. Even though I can easily live without this, it would be nice to have this also in Aperture.

Brush sensitivity

At this moment it seems that Aperture has only the possibility to control the opacity of the brush via the brush sensitivity. A real brush sensitivity to control also the size of the brush would make working with it again a little easier (if it’s possible to control the size, I would like to know how).

Calendar option

One of the benefits of Aperture is in my opinion to have the possibility to order prints or books from within the application. Why calendars are missing from Aperture and are only available in iPhoto is somehow a mystery.

This list is definitely not long, but somehow this shows how well Aperture suits my workflow and my needs. In general I would like to see NIKs SilverEfexPro to be updated to 64bit, but that surely is not an Aperture issue. It is also only a list which reflects my own expectations and needs for the software, and I’m sure that for example a wedding or sports photographer would have a totally different list.

As the last Aperture update is a while ago already, I hope we will see another version in the near future. Fingers crossed.

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