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Tuesday Wallpaper Special: Hang In There

My original intent was to post a videoblog today as a follow up to yesterday’s post, but I realized that it’s the first day of the month today, which is a good time for another wallpaper. Which comes in handy as the video is not yet processed ;-)

Ever since I posted my first wallpaper here on the blog, I made it a habit to look for suitable images for that when I’m out shooting, and this one is surely no exception. This one for example I took this during a shooting in the forest (be sure to check out my live-blog and my videoblog).

The core composition was naturally made in camera, but I needed to do some major cloning here to get this simple look. Normally I don’t apply so heavy processing to my images, but these one serves a totally different purpose. The wallpaper is available in 1920x1200 and you can download it from here. If you like it I would like to hear from you in the comments. Please note that you are not allowed to redistribute, or use the image in any other way than for your own use on your desktop.