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Tuesday Link Special: Aperture and Keywording

As I now almost completely imported my previous library into Aperture I started to get a little interested to improve my keywording. I had of course assigned keywords already in Lightroom and they all got imported just nice, but still it was more of a random and unstructured mess. I ran into duplicates of keywords with spelling errors, or keywords which basically refer to the same thing but used once in plural and once not, something like rock and rocks come to mind.

Aperture already has some very useful keyword-presets and as I was just taking a break from keywording my library a few articles on keywording over at the Aperture Users Network popped up in my newsreader which were helpful on that matter. And as Tuesdays had been my link-special I thought I’d quickly share with you.

As usual, if you have any references to some good articles on the web I would like to hear from you in the comments.