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iPhone Photography Prints

It’s not a photograph until it’s a print…. I think something along these lines the saying goes, and even though it’s a little bit of a platitude, it’s true. Those of you familiar with my work, might know that me and a friend have been starting to produce fine-art prints from my images for quite some time now. And I just enjoy making them for me, my friends and of course put them out for sale.

Having the actual print in my hands, on my wall or presented in a book is always a great feeling and it’s a much nicer presentation that on the web or on the monitor. The quality is just superior and somehow there’s also some emotional attachment to the image.

Most of the prints that I had made so far were of my landscape work all of them taken with my trusted 5D. Those of you, who follow me on Twitter or here on the blog, do know that I enjoy taking pictures with my iPhone a lot. I have it with me all the time, and in fact most of my family related images were taken with it (I have started a little series of blog posts here on the blog if you are interested).

Today I used the chance to see what happens if I finally get some of them printed as well. I quickly shoved a few of them to a USB stick and delivered them to a printing service in the neighborhood. One hour later I got them back and I honestly can say, that I was surprised about the quality.

Knowing that they most likely wont keep up to a bigger print-size I had them printed as 10x13cm. The images were taken or processed with CrossProcess and LoMob with no added adjustments at the computer and the resulting prints looked really good. Nice, saturated colours and fairly sharp with an overall good quality.

I have made a few observations though which might be helpful for you. Shooting in bad light really can’t considered to be one of the iPhone’s strength’s. The darker areas easily seem to become a little noisy, something that might get fixed though with some Photoshop magic applied. Haven’t tried that myself though. But those images which were taken in good light easily lived up to my expectations. Surely, they won’t par-up to anything taken with my DSLR, but they are not supposed to do so either.

This little experiment motivates me to do some more printing of those images and also it proves that the iPhone, considered it’s limitations, with it’s ease to use and it’s instant processing in those apps definitely serves as a good camera.