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My Favorite iPhone Apps: The Photography Apps

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or happen to any read any of my blogs (the number is about to shrink btw) probably have noticed that I, like many of you also, totally enjoy my iPhone and continuously try out new apps. Somehow it has become part of daily morning routine to check for new apps or updates.

A while ago I posted a screenshot on my live-blog (did I mention it has moved and is now here also?) and got a few questions on that app. Fast as ever, I post my reply now something like three months later! Wuhuu!

To make this post a little more useful I collected a few of favorite iPhone photography apps.

First of all the app in question was FocalWare. For the landscape photographer indeed a very useful tool. It uses the GPS to find the current location and then displays the times of sun- and moonrise and the position of each during the course of the day. Very useful when visiting a location prior the actual shooting.

Not so much photography related, but most useful for the landscape photographer is a weather app of course. I played around with quite many, but at the moment I prefer to use WeatherPro. Nice interface and detailed information.

Additionally I use quite a few of these vintage-look” apps, notably, Lo-Mob, Hipstamatic, ShakeItPhoto and as of recent I like to use CrossProcess. The latter has become quite a favorite of mine recently.

Then there’s TiltShiftGen The name says it all, a nice app to create, or better fake, a Tilt/Shift or shallow DOF effect. Don’t use it too often myself, but once I want the effect, I know where to go to.

One neat little panorama app I ran into is VideoPano. You record a little video clip of the panorama and the app turns this into an image. Couldn’t be any easier.

Talking about video… ReelDirector has become a very useful app for creating a video. It adds titles, transitions between different clips and more. Amazing what you can do with it.

I’m trying continuously new apps on the phone, but most of them I use once or twice only and then forget about them. Once I ran into more and/or useful apps, I will let you know about that.

Do you have anything to add? Some app that you like? Please let me know in the comments.