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Chasing Waterfalls

Blue sky! It feels like the first time this year, after all this waiting and especially after the other day’s disappointment, involving me being on the wrong road at the right time.

But of course, that’s a different story ;-)

With a programmed navigator this time, we’ll head out to a location that I had been visiting during spring last year. A nice waterfall called Hepoköngas in the midst of the forest. The roads are clear and the roughly 160km pass by quickly.

The last few hundred meters we wade through the sometimes knee deep snow until we are at the waterfall. As it was quite cold during this winter, at some moments the temperature went down to -40 degrees, I was hoping for an almost frozen waterfall, which I hoped would look interesting in front of the rocks.

And I wouldn’t get disappointed…

The waterfall indeed was almost entirely frozen, but the falls and rocks were also covered in snow, leaving a big, white wall. Nice place to be at, but not really dramatically looking on an image. I did my best to get a worthwhile composition. I have an idea for a panorama, which now waits here on the hard-drive to be edited.

Well, there’s not much one can do about that, except continue waiting.