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My favorite gear of 2009

As announced already a while ago, here’s now the final post of my yearly summary. Could have been earlier posted maybe, but better now than never.

I have learned a lot about photography during this year, and I have the feeling that I gained a lot clearer view on how I want to compose and what I’m looking for. Besides those achievements I acquired some gear during this year, which made it a lot easier to achieve what I wanted or are simply a joy to use.

First of all, right in the beginning of the year, I completed my filter collection with an ND filter. Which I have been using a lot and which helps me get the desired results.

This was followed by my Manfrotto Junior Geared head, which arrived just the day I left to Cornwall and is an absolute joy to use. Can’t imagine anymore trying to compose from the tripod with anything else than that. It’s very precise and easy to use.

Later this year, I obtained the SilverEfexPro plug-in from Nik-Software, which changed, not necessarily my life, but a lot. I always was interested into B&W images, but never really got the results I was looking for in post. Through this plug-in though I’m actually now able to get the look of an image that I imagined, easily and quick. Plus it inspires to look for different compositions.

And my last acquisition was what I believe to be my 7th camera bag. I have been looking around a lot, but this one is the best for my purposes so far. I have made a little clip and post about this one. Have a look here if you are interested.

And of course….There’s the Wacom Intuos 4. What a wonderful piece of gear. Of course it doesn’t take better pictures, but it’s so much more fun working with a tablet than with a mouse when editing images.

So, I guess that’s be it for now and look forward to what I’m going to write at the end of this year.