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Norway: The Video Part 1

I admit.. This really took quite some time to finish this little clip. I planned to finish it already after I returned from my first trip from Norway. But what can I say… sometimes things just take longer than expected. And in some cases.. they take even longer.

Either way I got it done now. Nothing spectacular and not so entirely serious. I has become some sort of habit for me (not really a good one I have to say) to forget to turn off the time-lapse feature of my G9 ;-) But I can live with it.

I put this clip together last night and this time I opted for some background music/jingle. If it disturbs you, just turn down the volume.

And as the title suggest, there will be another clip coming. That’s going to be up in a future post and will only be… well, let’s save that for later.

[wpvideo wxxttBNx]

I hope you like it and thanks for viewing.