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The Search Comes to an End (probably)

In the search of the perfect (at least for my needs) camera bags, I have purchased multiple sling-bags, backpacks, shoulder-bags and what not. Every of those bags has something good about it, but also something which somehow didn’t live up to my needs. I know, it’s a little ridiculous, I should worry more about actually taking pictures, but my unfortunate work-schedule and the sometimes unfriendly weather conditions (seriously, haven’t much sun during the last three weeks) doesn’t always allow me to do landscape photography. So, I can then at least worry about something ;-)

On my holidays, I ran into the Kata 3N1-30 (I said wrong in the video) which hopefully will end my search. It has all the features that I’m looking for in a camera bag, and seems to be bigger from the inside that from the outside (I know…. ;-) )

I thought that instead of talking much about the bag, I will quickly shoot a little video to show you what I like about it. I screwed up several things in this video, and there’s a surprise guest (didn’t notice during the recording), and the camera is not well placed (something that I also notice after I recorded) and it’s so involuntarily funny that I decided to post it anyway.

On a little side note, I will sell some, well most, of my other bags. Please keep an eye on the blog for some future updates. I will announce that here, before selling them on ebay.