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The Open Source Photographyguides Project

Just today I ran into a very interesting project (via David’s Blog) which I’m as a landscape photographer are very excited about, and I would like to share it with you. The Open-Source Photographyguides, initiated and organized by australian photographer Brent Pearson.

Related to the preparation of my trip to Cornwall earlier this year, I wrote how I use the internet and tools like Google Earth for planning a trip to an unknown location.

As useful as these tools are, the provided, or better found information is not always sufficient, especially for photographic purposes. It’s easy to find images of a certain area or location on Flickr, or to explore the area in Google Earth and simulate the light on the land (if the imagery is good enough) but then you still have to search for more information, often of very basic nature… like when would be a good time of year to be there, how to actually get there, what to be aware of and so on.

This is where the Open Source Photographyguides come in as they close this gap and provide much and detailed information on a certain location. The idea of the project is that photographers provide information, example images, guides and so to areas they are familiar with. Here you can find locations all over the world the photographer, from Sweden to Antarctica and from Canada to New Zealand. For multiple areas are individual Blogs/Websites available with links to the individual guides. The guides itself are hosted/published on Google’s Knol, where you can also search for and browse the articles. In these guides the authors provides background information on how-to get there, maps, location tips, what to take and more. These Knols are accompanied by stunning imagery from the authors, which gives you a even deeper knowledge and examples for the desired location. In short, a lot of very helpful things when a planning a photoshooting in that desired area. I’m very excited about this discovery, as it will help me in the future to find new and interesting locations as well as a lot background information. And the more photographers are contributing the more useful this will be. For more information visit the website.