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Abandoning colour!?

I admit the title of this little write-up is surely a little provocating but today I would like to share a very intense, if not game changing experience for me that I had a few days ago.

As a little background information you should know, that for the longest time I always admired the beauty of black and white landscape photography. I always enjoyed Richards and Andrews work for example. I tried a few myself but never got a nearly satisfying and artistic result. Richard already tipped me off to the Silver Efex Pro plugin which he is using but somehow I never got around playing with it.

Back to the real story…

I went to meet my friend and photographer Kai Tikkonen to make a few prints of mine in his studio. When I arrived he was working on an image using the exact same plugin. Of course I immediately had to try it myself. With his darkroom experience and his exquisite taste Kai showed how to achieve a good B&W conversion. And man what could say…the print blew my mind! We printed it on a very thick Tecco high-quality paper and framed it nicely with a beautiful paasepartout. Couldn’t be more beautiful. I was amazed how much bigger the impact of the B&W print was. I had it at home a few days and couldn’t stop looking at it. Did I mention I would also sell those?

Afferwards we converted a few more images of mine (which I intended as a colour image) and printed them. When comparing the the colour and B&W versions of the images, I enjoyed much more the depth of the B&W’s.

At home I immediately downloaded the plugin myself and started to learn how to use it. While I’m still learning on how to get more familar with the software, I have more and more the feeling, that I start to prefer the B&W versions of my images the more I work with it. I enjoy their depth, the timelessness and their sheer elegance.

Will I now abandon colour completely? Of course not, but I have the feeling you are going to see a lot, lot more B&W’s here on my blog as I dig deeper into that.

So, please stay tuned for upcoming updates on my blog. The first shot should be up during this week.

PS: This post is also a little experiment, as we are trying some changes in Pixyblog’s API and this post is entirely made on the iPhone using WriteRoom and iBlogger.