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Making B&W Prints

Recently I was writing here on my new fascination for Black&White images and the announcement for my _logo-competition__, where the price is just such a B&W print._

The other day I was visiting my friend Kai again to make a few more prints for myself, and man are these prints beautiful! I got me some nice frames from an Swedish interior decoration store and prepared some of my images to fill them.

The prints are made on a very thick paper and they look absolutely exquisite. Still I’m more fascinated about the B&W conversion than before. Interestingly they make think a lot more about the way I post-process them. Usually, I have processed most of my colour images in roughly 15min, but on those images I spent a lot more time. I get really picky when processing those images.

Having them as a print, and seeing them in a frame is absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend to anyone to print his/her own pictures. It’s like the reward for hours of work and passion.

On a side note (of course a little shameless self-promotion) I would like to tell you that these prints also would be for sale. Stay tuned a little while, there will be some updates here on the site in the near future.

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