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A Clip About What’s Inside My Bag

I must admit that I’m a total bag-geek, and I have more camera bags than pants (really, no joke). I’m still searching for the perfect bag for me, but it’s still not at the horizon. Over at the Pixyblog Forum we also had recently a poll going on about the kind of camera bag people are using, which was when I had the idea for this clip.

In the past I ran into a few videos like that and I think it’s very interesting to have a seek-peek into other peoples camera bags. That’s why I thought it could be fun to do a little video myself.

Unfortunately I didn’t know then what I was starting. Between the idea and the actual filming passed several months. And from recording to producing it, at least one more. Still I’m not sure whether or not this was a good idea, as being in front of a camera in my kitchen and talking to it felt weird at best.

Either way I had some fun producing an enormous amount of out-takes, which will never see the light of day. But between Take 18 or 19 or I managed to get through the recording with only a little amount of mis-namings or otherwise senseless sentences. I have corrected and annotated some things in the clip where it was necessary.

I don’t want to waste any more time and here’s the little video on what’s in my bag and just don’t take it too seriously. It is what it is…a clip about the contents of my bag:

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have a similar video you’re welcome to leave a note in the comments.