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New Series: The Shooting Diary

It has been a little silent on this blog here in the last few weeks. My life outside this blog caught up and kept me kind of busy. But still that doesn’t mean that I’m running out of ideas and therefore I would like to introduce a new, little ongoing series on this blog, the Shooting Diary Photojournal.

Why have something like this since I already run my photoblog where I already post some sort of story to the image? The answer is easy…. On my photoblog I tend to post only those images, which I consider to be the ones that I would like to hang on my wall, or put into a book. The most artsy” ones so to say. But sometimes during a shoot I capture images that not necessarily fall into this category, but they kind of show somehow the beauty of the situation, capture the excitement of the moment, and/or provide some sort of background information to the shooting. There are simply sometimes eventful shootings where I have the feeling it could be nice to give some more info. Consider this a little Behind the Scenes.

These posts might include posts from my Twitter account, or with any luck some video (I’m not promising that, but the idea is there), or whatever comes to mind. I also will use these posts to inspire and motivate myself to explore more places. Surely I will not accompany every single image that I post to my blog with an essay, only when it kind of makes sense.

So stay tuned for upcoming stories with the first one coming up during this weekend (well hopefully).

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