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Corona Lockdown: Week 3 (I believe)

And another week is done, suffice it to say, not much has changed. Here’s the gist.

Working from Home

This working from home, and hence sitting in front of the computer most of the day, has it consequences it seems. Good and bad.

First of all I try to optimize my setup and make things working as smooth as possible on my machine by learning more shortcuts. I guess the urge for a little rest from time to time revived my interest in blogging. These are positive things I guess.

I did however, during the optimizing” part, started to reconsider plain-text task-management and read up on org-mode again. I should remind myself again that my Bullet Journal setup had worked flawlessly during the last year.

As for the technical parts, teaching via a video call did feel pretty normal from the beginning and after the last few weeks has gotten even more normal if that is a thing. I know many of my colleagues are using Zoom which I try to avoid as much as possible, but at least things are improving on Zoom’s part.

Things watched

I continue re-watching Star Trek the Next Generation, even though I’m not actively watching, but rather keep it running on a second display while burning the midnight oil to keep me company.

Listening and Reading

Since my commute” is now defined as the distance between bedroom, kitchen and the kids’ room out of which I usually teach, there is not much time catch up with a significant amount podcasts or audiobooks. Since I have cancelled my subscription of the latter for a while, I focus at the moment on podcasts again and catch up with my extensive backlog.

I already wrote about it, but I enjoyed LeVar Burton’s reading of Max Gladstone’s A Kiss With Teeth, and plan to listen more of his show. As usual The Bugle” is a fun show.

I’m still reading The Kindly Ones” and my plans of finishing it last weekend were ruined by these three new arrangements that came up. Next weekend maybe.

I guess that it’s for now, and I doubt the next Weeknotes will be much different. I guess, we’ll see.

I’m confident that this little tool will prove itself quickly useful on my device

What a fun iconWhat a fun icon

Last night I had Windows Weekly running in the background while working on some arrangements and by chance I heard them recommending Microsoft PowerToys, and, wow is this a nice tool! It is in many ways just that I have been looking for.

The tool combines, amongst a few other things, for example:

  • Markdown Preview in the Explorer
  • A way to smartly mass-rename files with PowerRename. This looks especially nice, as I’m doing a spring-cleaning” and in the process plan to rename my files, that is, once I came to a conclusion which would be the most efficient way for me.
  • Image Resizer
  • The Window Walker is a text based search ALT+TAB search

The above alone are already an incredibly useful collection of tools for me and I’m sure I will make good use of them. I will look into FancyZones, the window snapper as well. I’m curious to see how the app will evolve over time.

Earlier today I finished LeVar Burton’s reading of Max Gladstone’s A Kiss With Teeth on his podcast and enjoyed it a lot and would really like to follow his live-reading of Neil Gaiman’s work later today. Then again, it’s up at 4am around here, and I hope I’m not up then anymore, because that in return would mean that I would be still working then, which I’d rather not.

I’m always keen to learn, even though I simply find few of them by accident, more keyboard shortcuts on my system to make running around here just a little bit easier.

The other day I learned a few new ones involving the Windows-key and today a few more involving the taskbar. I mean, who knew that I can add calendar events from here or Windows Key + any number opens the respective app in said spot on the taskbar!

I just wish I would find one to activate the Immersive Reader view in the new Edge. And yes, I like the new Edge.

The main issue is to remember them. Maybe I should write a list with my most commonly used ones one day.

Cookies with cola-taste are almost as bad as one might expect. Not that I couldn’t eat them though.

Via a post by Matthey Lang on Micro.Blog and some further reading and clicking I eventually found by @kicks, which looks interesting and a tool that could fill a need for me. The reviews I read make it sound like a took worth exploring.