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I don’t think there is another book that I have read that frequently as Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and I just finished reading the graphic novel. I believe to have read it now in all editions: the book, the audiobook and the graphic novel. It’s just a great book, in either medium.

We took a short trip to the bird-watching tower in Limminka and captured this panorama shortly before it started to rain badly. We would have had more time there, but somehow I managed to take a wrong turn, or better no turn at all and we ended up somewhere totally different.

Anyway, it’s a nice place to be and we will certainly go back there.

My plan to give the blog a face-lift got nowhere further than being a plan. Guess that saves time in the long run. For now real reason I kept wondering of setting up a Wordpress blog again, even though that wouldn’t give me any real benefit.

As I’m now roughly in the middle of my vacation it would be a reasonably good time to slowly start preparing things for work. This usually translates to that I will most likely start re-desiging the blog. At least I have the urge to do so.

As I was looking into an EMACS-package I was wondering which theme the author was using in the screenshots. After little research and digging through the authors config-files on Github, I found the Modus-Themes by Protesilaos Stavrou, and it turns out they are just what I’m looking for.

The theme(s) are very flexible and easily configured to my liking and the documentation in the WIKI is so clear that even I understand what to do.

The search for just the right theme might have just came to an end and now I can tweak my setup even more to my liking.

An image from yesterday’s trip to the beach. In the past I would have needed a tripod and my DSLR to capture an image like this, now an app comes close. Then again, the quality would have been better, but I would not have taken it, since I wouldn’t have carried it around.